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SK is a one source company, providing the most cost-effective, efficient solution for complete automated packaging lines. We look at the TOTAL solution, whether you require a complete packaging line, or only one piece of machinery to optimize your existing line. SK provides turnkey packaging machinery systems as well as complete engineering services.

“Moving your materials and preparing them for the marketplace is challenging. Stelluti Kerr brings together the latest technology to build a turnkey packaging solution to fit your business process.”

Whether you’re packaging difficult to handle powders, granules, pellets ... SK exceeds your expectations and provides a solution that WORKS for you.

Our line of packaging machinery includes…

Innovation, dependability and efficiency in packaging are our specialty. We have accomplished with our form fill and seal baggers what no other company can claim. Learn more about the fastest FFS and our accurate net weigh scales, which can save you money! We focus on reducing your manufacturing and operating costs, providing annual savings in packaging materials, film and maintenance.

SK is a distributor of European made machinery, a representative of American and Canadian made machinery and a true innovator in packaging solutions. We are a leading supplier of choice for many chemical companies worldwide. A one source distributor for high quality and reliable packaging machinery such as:

In order to complete our turnkey solutions, we also distribute:

  The SK series of form fill and seal baggers are the most flexible in the world, bagging 50lbs bags at high speeds but with maximum flexibility. With one combination FFS, it is possible to use roll stock film as well as pre-made poly bags, paper or poly woven bags, ALL in ONE MACHINE!

Another important innovation is the NEW high speed hermetic powder pack tubular FFS machine for 50lbs bags. This form fill and seal bagger is a revolutionary machine, a tremendous breakthrough and the latest for the cement and powder industry. For the first time ever, an FFS bagging system is able to successfully package 50lbs square bags of cement in PLASTIC BAGS at speeds up to 600 BPH (10 BPM) using form fill and seal technology. The final package is the same size as your former paper bags! The package is rectangular and compact making it easy to handle and palletize! Pillow bags or even loosely filled side gusseted bags can not compare with this new "tight pack" with true side gussets. Our package enables you to present a squarer bag and produces the most presentable and stable pallet possible.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you always got.”

Our customers are consistently satisfied with the speed, film savings and reliability of our equipment. It’s money in the bank for you, and makes your business much more competitive. Our FFS technology is the future of bagging. We would be happy to provide you with a long list of satisfied customers. Contact

“…Skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” - Wayne Gretzky



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