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About Us

Don't let them fool you!

Although we started as a small shop 5 years ago, we have since evolved into a leader in the packaging machinery industry. Our equipment has changed, but our mission remains the same – total customer satisfaction.

Our fleet of form fill and seal machines allows us to produce the highest quality bags attainable. We make the commitment to partner with leaders in technology and ultimately provide you with the best product available anywhere.

With that said, we have not lost focus of what got us here – our customers. Service is our top priority each and every day. Knowing we are an extension of you, we don't take that responsibility lightly. We won't let you down.

We offer the fastest quotes, timely deliveries and highest quality available. Our after sales team is available around the clock, meeting the needs of some of the smallest and largest businesses in the world.

Please take a moment to review our website and see the difference for yourself.


SK is a distributor and systems integrator providing our customers with packaging machinery and total packaging solutions. Our success and growth is largely due to our ability to provide state of the art solutions with single source responsibility.

SK has assembled a dynamic and creative team with over ten (10) years of experience in sales, manufacturing and after sales services. To meet the needs of our customers, we work closely with leading US, European and Canadian manufacturers and provide services in a variety of sectors.

SK also distributes and services European made equipment for our customers throughout North America. Suppliers selected by SK manufacture high quality packaging machinery whom are world leaders and true innovators of packaging machinery. Our suppliers are leaders in their respective markets such as the building materials, chemical and food industries. SK has always been a step ahead of its competitors by addressing customer needs head on and by constantly providing unique solution to suit their needs. SK works in conjunction with a high qualified team of inventors that have dynamic research and development programs.

SK is based on the fundamentals of strong work ethic, quality machinery, innovative solutions and customer satisfaction. We deal exclusively with reliable and reputable suppliers to ensure complete customer satisfaction and maximum productivity gains in each SK designed installation.

SK has worked with clients throughout North America, providing turnkey packaging solutions including design, equipment sales, installations, and service. The SK after-sales team is comprised of fifteen (15) people with eight (8) qualified technicians specialized in automation. Our technicians have over 10 years of experience, a strong work ethic and an unmatched devotion to customer satisfaction. This commitment has helped greatly to develop a solid client base in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

SK provides customers with rapid, high-quality, on-site service anywhere in North America. Spare parts can be delivered within 24 hours if ordered during business hours. SK is committed to maximizing the reliability of our installations, and minimizing maintenance downtime.

SK's after-sales team is currently active in the set-up, repair, troubleshooting, installation and preventive maintenance of industrial production and packaging line equipment in industries including pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, chemical, petrochemical, horticultural, fertilizer and animal feed. SK's after-sales team can also provide machining and custom manufacturing services.

SK's engineering and sales personnel are growing rapidly to ensure that we meet the present and future needs of our customers. We are available to assist in modifying or expanding our existing customer's packaging capabilities.

SK offers turnkey packaging solutions to fit every budget. We specialize in difficult installations, and work to overcome challenges faced by each customer. The goal of every project is to maximize productivity, efficiency, and reliability in the packaging process.

SK offers packaging equipment in the majority of it solutions due to its unmatched reliability, features and benefits, cost effectiveness and high return on investment.

SK's series of form fill and seal baggers handle the most difficult products available in the world today. Built to be flexible and to make high quality bags. For example, with ONE FFS machine, it is possible to use tubular roll stock film or pre-made bags. That's just incredible! Imagine being able to use roll stock film for your high production volumes but also being able to use pre-made side gusseted reclosable poly bags or pre-made poly woven bags for those that demand it or paper bags for those that require it.

With the SK form fill and seal baggers, it is common to save $1,000,000 per year in packaging materials. Primarily because plastic bags made from polyethylene roll stock film cost on average 30% less than traditional packaging materials such as paper bags, multi-wall paper bags, valve bags or ready-made poly bags. Accurate net weigh scale accuracy also enables you to obtain savings by minimizing product giveaway. Fifteen (15) grams is all you will ever give away and at the end of the year and the savings are significant.

Only one operator is required for the entire bagging line and the speeds and accuracy achieved by our automatic FFS baggers can no longer be achieved with traditional manual bagging systems using pre-made bags.

SK palletizers are often used in extremely corrosive applications such as fertilizer. Consequently, the palletizers are designed to be rugged and reliable, quality built to meet the needs of that market. Our palletizer anti-corrosive upgrade has proven to last for many years without corrosion, some machines are still operating after 20 years. 


Our line of stretch and shrink hooders enable the load and pallet to be held together by a tight hood film. This protects your goods from the most severe weather conditions, moisture and dust. Pallets can be stored outdoors and can also be protected from the sun's ultraviolet radiation with films designed to provide a UV filter. Unique to the stretch hood is the ability to have a colored print on the hood film providing a marketing vehicle on all the pallets.

Bagging with our form fill and seal technology is the best and most efficient packaging solution. As packaging engineers true to our trade, our recommendations are about EFFICIENCY for the end user. We have many satisfied customers who don’t regret their decision even years later. In today’s highly competitive market, why ignore a BETTER way to accomplish your goal?

Our Vision

  • To be the leader in providing packaging solutions, quality machinery and unmatched return on investment.

  • To be the leader in after-sales services and complete customer satisfaction.

  • To be partners in our clients' success.

Our Mission

  • To provide our customers with high-performance packaging solutions, custom designed to meet individual needs.

  • To manage projects, from preliminary design to completion of installation, and to meet the expectations and needs of our customers. 

  • To provide unmatched service and support to each customer, with a focus on long term customer relationships.

Our Technical Divisions

Electrical Specialization

Our technical division boasts expertise in a broad range of computer programming applications:

PLC / HMI Programming

  •  Allen-Bradley

  •  Omron

  •  Mitsubishi

  •  Siemens

  •  Device net Network Configuration…

Servo Drive Programming

  • Indramat

  • Omron

  • Emerson

  • Allen-Bradley

AC Drive Installations and Set-ups

  • Siemens

  • Device

  • Allen Bradley

  • AC Tech

  • Omron

  • Telemecanique

  • Westinghouse

DC Drives Installation

  • KBIC

  • Dart

Mechanical Support

Our group offers mechanical assistance and machining services. Committed mechanics and machinists provide support for equipment installation and custom requirements. Our team has carried out successful projects in the following areas:

  • Complete Line Set-ups
  • Computer Assisted Design
  • Emergency Repairs of components
  • Adjustments and Tune-ups
  • General and Sanitary Welding of aluminum and stainless steel
  • Troubleshooting and Inspections
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Equipment Customization
  • Complete Rebuild of used machinery

Our Experience

  • Complete Rebuild of used machinery
  • Horizontal & Vertical Wrappers
  • Fully Automated Cartoners
  • Metal Detectors & Printers
  • Scales & Check Weighers
  • Blistering Machines
  • Bag Filling Machines
  • Case Formers & Erectors
  • Unscramblers & Orienters
  • Heat Sealers & Sleeve-Banders
  • Labelers & Cappers
  • Mixing & Processing Equipment
  • Coating Equipment
  • Cartoners, Conveyors
  • Tube Filling Tablets
  • Chocolate Wrappers
  • Capsule Filling Machines
  • Robotic Pick and Place
  • Tablet Presses
  • Cleaning Equipment

Our Customers

We would be happy to provide you with a long list of satisfied customers. Contact




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