A Series

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Columbia Okura Model A-1600 High Speed Robotic Palletizer

The base system includes all the equipment shown in the robotic cell layout i.e. robot, fork style end effector, conveyor, empty pallet dispenser, row forming mechanisms, pick-up station, load forming station, software and controls. The robotic bag palletizer is state of the art machinery which uses the most precise and reliable drive systems available in the industry. Its reliability and 0.5mm accuracy is unmatched when comparing to conventional palletizers. Due to servo technology, the robotic bag palletizer will operate for 20,000 hours before an overhaul is required, making the robotic palletizer system virtually maintenance free. After 20,000 hours an easy to follow overhaul is required and the robot is again ready to operate. The robotic bag palletizer has very little moving parts, compared to conventional palletizers and therefore spare part replacement is significantly reduced, producing long term annual savings. By following the recommended maintenance program, excluding peripheral components, the robot has an available uptime of 99.5%, the highest in the industry.


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