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Stretch Hooder 2000

Stretch Hooder

Stretch Hooder 2000

Itís a stretch cold extension machine with extensible film as far as a tubular coil, a model with one and/or two coils. The cover fitting is suitable for every type of product because there are not flames or warm air. This plant links the thermoretractiles qualities concerning the pallets seal, the protection against some atmospheric agents (water and dust) and the practical use of the extensible film. This machine is available in four models, according to the customers needs.


  • Adjustable chain conveyor
  • Gripper carriages adjustable for various types of pallets
  • Sealing bar comprising a double bar with dual thermostatic temperature control
  • Pneumatic film cutter
  • Unwider comprising double motor for unwiding and feeling the heat-shrink film
  • Pallet centring device to be installed at machine entry point (optional)
Operating speed
Pallet Dimensions
Max Pallet
Rated Power
To use film off
Min 50
40" x 48" up to 55"
(1100 x 1300 mm)
95" Max
2000 Kg

Pallet Covering & Sealing Cycle:

Stretch Hooder robotic arms pallet cover fitter

machine diagram on production line

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